Vienna funeral museum holds presentation of Lego toys on the theme of death

The crowns have always had a special relationship with the theme of death. In Austria, they say that the death is a resident of Vienna (Der Tod ist ein Wiener). Now this attitude has reached a new level – the Funeral Museum of the Central Vienna Cemetery has introduced new LEGO products on the theme of death. It is alleged that such toys are of particular therapeutic value.

The new collection presents the classic Viennese funeral – funeral tram and hearse. Three new sets are also available, costing from 50 to 90 euros. New are the LEGO cemetery with gravestone, grave, excavator and cemetery staff, a crematorium furnace, mourning carriage and the mournful LEGO family consisting of mother, father, child, deceased and skeleton. “With these products, we are creating the opportunity to better understand the topic of death. And we help children cope with psychological situations that arise around death.

New LEGO products make conversation easier. For example, a crematorium can be used to gradually, in a light, easy playful way, explain what happens, for example, with your beloved grandfather during cremation, or how you can bury him in the LEGO cemetery, ”says Marcus Pinter, managing director of the museum. In his opinion, children need simple and honest answers.

The Vienna Association of Psychotherapy (WLP) also sees pedagogical value in such toys. “We need a simple and understandable language. Keeping silence about death and sadness is the wrong way. Fear and insecurity create it, ”explained Michaela A. Tomek from WLP at the product presentation.
New LEGO products are now available in the funeral museum store in the Vienna Central Cemetery and in their online store