Some funeral trends revealed in the UK

According to a joint study by YouGov and Co-op Funeralcare funeral home, which has about 100 thousand funerals annually, only 10% of Britons agree to traditional religious funerals, and 44% are sure that informal approaches to the last wires will become more popular over time.

According to statistics, 82% of Britons choose cremation. Traditionally, ashes were buried in cemeteries or crematoriums, or scattered in picturesque places, but more non-standard options have also gained popularity recently. According to the report, over the past year, they included: the manufacture of fireworks and ink for tattoos with particles of ashes, round-the-world travel with an urn, dispelling of ashes during a parachute jump and others. The number of people who, for example, would like to put a particle of dust in jewelry, increased by 21%. This is most often done with rings, paperweight and pendants.

On average, about 50 people attend a British funeral. As for the dress code, over the past year, 87% of Co-op managers organized ceremonies in which mourners were dressed in colorful clothes, and 85% organized events in which guests were dressed in their favorite color of the deceased. Almost three quarters of employees (70%) received requests for a complete absence of a dress code.
According to surveys, 42% of Britons would like to hear their favorite song at their funeral, and 62% of respondents attended such ceremonies. The study provides the hit parade of the most sought-after funeral rock hits. He is led by the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. In second place is the song “I Would Do Anything For Love”, recorded by Meat Loaf, and closes the three “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from the movie “Armageddon”, authored by Aerosmith.