In Venice, at the “cemetery” auction they sell places near Brodsky and Diaghilev

It is noted that 16 graves will be presented at the auction, nine of which are on the island of San Michele, where Joseph Brodsky, Sergey Diaghilev and Igor Stravinsky rest. The total starting price of lots is about two million euros. The grave, which is located several tens of meters from the tomb of Stravinsky, has the cheapest price – the auction will start from the amount of 29,485.09 euros.

Among other graves, a burial site will be presented at the Malamocco cemetery on Lido Island. Previously, there were the remains of the former mayor of this city. It is noted that a 99-year agreement will be concluded with the owners of the places. Relatives of those who were previously buried in these graves did not renew their contracts for various reasons.